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 Application Template

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PostSubject: Application Template   Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:24 am

Please copy paste this application in a new thread with the subject title containing your Character Name - Class . Then answer all the questions on the application template thoroughly.We appreciate people who take the time to put effort into their application.

1. In-game name:
Item Level:
Armory Link:

2. What is your previous and current raiding experience?

3. Please give us some World of Logs that show you off on your best nights of raiding. Essentially, what you can do at your peak performance.

4. We are going to be running a 12-13 man roster for optimal raid composition, this means that everyone will be sitting on progression at one point unless you offer a niche, is this going to be an issue?

5. Gearing is done as a group. Raiders discuss items and decide who the item will go to, if there is no consensus then Caper has the final say of putting it to a roll or giving it to the person who needs the item the most. Is this a concern? Any thoughts?

6. We raid on Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday from 8:30pm-12:30am est. Are you able to make these times consistently?
If we added a day for progression it would most likely be on Sunday on the same raid times, is this a time that you could make?

7. Please Link us a screenshot of your UI in a raid setting.

8. Do you have a mic and vent? Are you vocal and do you frequently call things out that you are doing that would be relevant to the raid (raid cooldown usage, interrupts, oh-shit moments)?

9. We are looking for top tier players, please do not waste our time and we will not waste yours. If a player is under performing consistently we will not hesitate to bench and eventually /gkick that player. We believe that if a raider is not doing their job correctly that there is always someone out there that can do the job up to par. Is this going to be a problem?

10. Any additional details that you wish to provide?

11. If you could be a superhero. What would your name be and what power/powers would you have?

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Application Template
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