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 Iniquity 5.2 Server First 10 man push

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PostSubject: Iniquity 5.2 Server First 10 man push   Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:07 am

Hey everyone. Our current raid comp is as follows, this is counting avari and vectis should they both be able to come back for 5.2.

1. Death Knight (Avari)
2. None

1. Holy Pally (Nooch)
2. Resto/Enh Shaman (Macren)
3. Holy/Disc Priest (Macren's friend)

1. Boomkin (Splosher)
2. Ret Pally (Capernaum)
3. Shadow Priest (Splatman)
4. Hunter (Kieline)
5. Rogue (Vectis)

As you can see we need a tank, Zyu is leaving for IRL reasons. We want a prot warrior with fury offspec since they give shattering blow, skull banner, and sunder armor. We are also trying to get a 12 man roster going so on top of this warrior we are wanting a Lock for sure and possibly a mage, but that would require more sitting with no buff benefit or utility. So my thoughts on this is that we want a lock for sure for the portal, healthstone, and shieldwall for me (ha), and a protwar with fury os. I don't really care for a mage anymore after looking at the comp objectively, but it wouldn't be a bad addition if we do happen to get it.

Recruiting Prot Warrior with Fury Offspec and Affliction Warlock with Demo Offspec. If anyone knows anyone please refer them.

Let's get this raid back together and start clearing some fucking content!
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Iniquity 5.2 Server First 10 man push
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